​Team Development

At Altrocentric Ltd we recognise that to live, work and play in human society effectively, you need to cooperate with others.  Our common experiences of working together bind us with each other.  It is precisely because as humans, we have learned to work cooperatively together that we make astonishing progress.

As organisations have grown and become structurally more complex, the need for groups of people to work together in coordinated ways to achieve objectives, which contribute to the overall aims of the organisation has become increasingly urgent.

At Altrocentric Ltd we know that teams are the best way to enact organisational strategy, due to the need for consistency between rapidly changing organisational environments, strategy and structure.  Teams can work faster and more effectively when members work in parallel and interdependently.  Also, teams allow organisations to learn and retain that learning more effectively.

The modern business environment requires people to be more flexible and more mobile within and between organisations.  Organisations are increasingly placing emphasis on strategic alliances and temporary cooperation for the sake of specific short-term commercial goals.  Therefore, teams need to be able to work together towards a currently shared goal despite significant political and interpersonal tensions.

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Our Team Development programmes include:

  • Team Roles
  • Measuring Team Effectiveness
  • Team Social skills
  • Team Knowledge, Skills and Ability assessment
  • Leading Teams
  • Conflict in Teams
  • Team Support and Development