​Psychological Assessment

At Altrocentric Ltd we know that your success depends on having the right individuals in the right positions at the right time.  We recognise that the best performing businesses are very clear about how their people perform in all circumstance.  To understand this about your people, accurately defining; what motivates and drives them, their unique traits and their future potential is key. 

Altrocentric Ltd will enable you to develop this whole-person view.  You can utilise this in numerous ways, for example: to match the best people to the most suitable roles; enable you to plan your future leaders; conduct succession planning.  Using the latest science backed techniques, we help you understand the real capabilities of your people, which allows you to make decisions and enable your workforce to perform at its best.

Altrocentric Ltd can conduct a range of assessment to suit your needs, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Selection assessment to assist hiring decisions
  • Readiness assessment to understand with promotion decisions
  • Suitability assessment to understand fit for role
  • Performance assessment to understand development needs

To discuss your assessment needs, contact us today.