At Altrocentric Ltd we recognise that Organisational Development has traditionally been labelled as a set of activities and techniques designed to bring about: change, increase success and improve performance.  We suggest that Organisational Development seeks to deal with two aspects of change – rational processes and emotional responses.

To future proof themselves, Organisations should radically rethink their cultures, structures, systems and process to adapt and survive in the modern business climate.  One of the biggest challenges could be that traditional reporting lines and hierarchies become increasingly redundant, so leaders should manage through influence rather than authority, building resilience to change.

At Altrocentric Ltd we believe organisations of the future will need to be: adept conceptually and think strategically; have deep integrity and intellectual openness; finding new ways to create loyalty both internally and externally; lead increasingly diverse and independent teams and employ leaders who relinquish power in favour of collaborative approaches.

​Our Organisational Development programmes include:

  • Planning for: Volatility; Uncertainty; Complexity and Ambiguity
  • Mapping Current and Future operating contexts
  • Creating Alignment 
  • Building a strategy for your strategy
  • Developing Strategic approaches
  • Building: Mission, Vision and Values
  • Developing agility
  • Understanding Change readiness
  • The Change Management cycle
  • Managing Cultural Change
  • Building Organisational resilience
  • Organisational Learning

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Organisational Development