This example of a Core Competence shows how they can be grouped into performance areas or clusters:

  • Performance Area – Delivering results.
  • Core Competences:
  1. Focusing on customers and service delivery.
  2. Developing effective policies and programmes.
  3. Managing work and resources to achieve results.
  4. Exploiting information and knowledge.

Job Analysis

Types of Job Analysis

There are two main types of job analysis: analytical, where jobs are broken down into their core components, and non-analytical, where jobs are viewed as a whole. The use of analytical schemes is more popular because of the capacity to help provide a defence against equal pay claims.  Ultimately, at Altrocentric Ltd we help you discover and understand the key competencies, skills and behaviours individuals need to carry out the job role effectively.

Deeper Analysis

At Altrocentric Ltd we can help you analyse job information through the Difficulty, Importance and Frequency (DIF) method.  The aim of this method is to rate the DIF of tasks and sub-tasks, with the aim of informing onboarding or enabling early training decisions.  This analysis also enables your understanding of the priority and standards you need to apply to training your staff.

Competence Frameworks

At Altrocentric Ltd we can enable you to produce effective competence frameworks.  We do this by reviewing what the jobholder does, to identify the particular knowledge, skills and attitudes, which make individuals impactful in your business core competences.   

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