Individual Development​

Our Individual Development programmes include:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Individual limiters and barriers to performance
  • Individual team-working strengths
  • Your style of Leading and Managing self
  • Your style of Leading and Managing others

At Altrocentric Ltd we understand that individuals are increasingly recognising the need to understand their qualities and skills, to survive and thrive in the modern business context.  So, whether you are an individual who is seeking to understand how to lead yourself better OR and organisation seeking to help your individuals grow, we can help.

At Altrocentric Ltd we recognise that being a ‘star performer’ is not an enduring trait of an individual.  Great individual performance does not necessary carry over from one situation to the next.  Great performance lasts if the balance between an individuals’ capabilities and the demands of the situation remain matched. 

Our experience shows that some organisations think of ‘performance potential’ as immediate performance for the next situation, what we call ‘suitability’.  While other organisations recognise that ‘performance potential’ is a long-term quality that needs to be identified, nurtured and developed.

At Altrocentric Ltd our development programmes enhance the ability of individuals to learn new ways of working and leading, of managing themselves effectively to meet the demands of the role and, crucially, to adapt as role requirements change.

So, if you're an individual seeking to improve your chances of being found suitable for your next role OR an organisation seeking understand your people development needs, contact us today.