At Altrocentric Ltd we recognise that you might require support beyond the assessment phase.  We can help here too.  Our focus is on making change happen and increasing performance potential.  We work with leaders to transform strategy into reality and help people and organisations realise their potential. 

At Altrocentric Ltd our development and coaching programmes help individuals to: deepen their self-awareness; develop competencies; understand their impact on others and organisational performance; and construct action plans to work on these areas.  Also, we can you with:

  • Succession planning
  • On-boarding discussions and identify development needs
  • Talent management
  • Leadership transformation

By developing your people, we will gain you a return on investment through sustained organisational improvement.  Contact us today for more information.


At Altrocentric Ltd we recognise that to excel in today’s highly challenging and competitive environment, your organisation need the right people in roles that suit them.  Our assessments can help you find the people you need to drive your business forward.  We achieve by offering a wide range of solutions, from broad based organisation climate and leadership assessment, to individual appraisal at all role levels.  At Altrocentric Ltd our assessments can help you:

  • Role matching people
  • Gain insights into people, team and organisational performance
  • Identify your talent and future stars
  • Identify people for development programmes
  • Identify Leaders and their potential

So, whether you're recruiting you next CEO, wanting to understand your talent pipeline, or need to assess people across your organisation, we can work with you to develop a robust assessment programme matched to your business objectives.  Contact us to day for more detail.